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Rebuilding the Walls Part 3: Assessing the Damage

This is the third part in our “Rebuilding the Walls” series. This message focuses on Nehemiah’s efforts to scope out the damage and begin the process of rebuilding.


Rebuilding the Walls: Part 2

Watch live streaming video from bcay at After Nehemiah heard that his community’s walls were destroyed, he sought the face of the Lord and received favor in the sight of the King. That favor resulted in resources, authorization and protection to rebuild the walls. 


Rebuilding the Walls: Part 1

bcay on Broadcast Live Free When Nehemiah received word that the walls of Jerusalem had been destroyed he was devastated. His first response was to worship, pray and seek the face of the Lord regarding how to rebuild his community. The first chapter of Nehemiah gives us powerful insight regarding God-inspired community transformation and [...]


What's your fragrance?

2 Corinthians 12:14-15 - Take a moment right now to think about your favorite smell, whether it’s mom’s cooking, homemade cookies out of the oven, or freshly cut flowers. What place does that smell bring you too? Probably a good, happy and pleasant one. It’s amazing how smells can help us remember people, places and moments [...]